Slowly the silence becomes home.

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silence is better…

silence is better…

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so still, he lies next to me, his demons at peace for now.

gently over his masculane face, my fingers trace his brow.

eternity could not offer, enough for us to share.

so here I will linger, as long as I, he can bare.  

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i will be still.

i will stand in the storm.

the winds will howl, the rain will drench me,

but i shall not move.

i will be steadfast.

i shall not cry in the darkness.

i will be silent. and i will wait.

i will wait for the stillness about me to match the stillness within.

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some words are as air bubbles trapped at the bottom of glass of soda. there they are completely submerged. then unexpectedly something jars the glass. the bubbles gingerly withdraw from the glass wall. the orbs make their accent slowly. gravity fails to bring halt to their climb. the bubbles push against the fluid, they make their way to the top. in a blink of an eye, they burst. releasing the trapped oxygen. it’s free.

there are words within me that are trapped. and sometimes i feel them trying to surface. i choose to stifle these thoughts and phrases. because once they escape, i can no longer hold on to them. i cannot have them back. they are mine, only mine. 

i may never speak them.  

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